Country Road VR Review

Country Road VR is an application by Somun Immersive. Country Road VR was first published on . Country Road VR is currently available for Steam.

UPDATE: We've made some exciting changes to our virtual petting farm. Country Road has been enhanced with better graphics and larger exploratory areas!

Additional Enhancements For Increased Sensory Stimulation
Below is a list of the new features you'll find in Country Road VR:

Fruit Trees where user can pick and collect fruit
Barrels containing vegetables which may be collected
All items may now be placed in a basket and carried back to the farm to feed the animals
NEW TROPHY ITEMS scattered throughout the sunflower fields - special unique items include golden apples, donuts, pitchforks and more!
Ability to feed animals and throw items
New and more realistic animal sounds
New reactions by the animals when pet
Enhanced graphics for a more realistic experience
A brighter overall environment designed to be easier on the eyes
An expanded area to explore including a walk through the sunflower fields
Additional butterflies added which practically land in the palm of your hand!
Additional options to turn music and nature sounds off
This new version is also user friendly for less powerful computers, allowing more people to enjoy this VR experience

Country Road VR is a virtual petting farm which allows users to walk through a realistic farm and "pet" various animals. While petting the animals, users will experience haptic feedback (controller vibration) and the corresponding animal sounds. The VR farm is designed to positively stimulate the mind of indivduals with dementia and other related diagnosis. Of course, we encourage anyone to simply enjoy this immersive experience!

Its a simple VR experience which helps reduce stress, agitation and fear. It promotes relaxation, sensory stimulation and even a little humor. Animals include horses, cows, chickens, goats, pigs, fox, kitten, zebras and a few other surprises. All animals may be pet for stimulation.

Image source - store.steampowered.com