Train Valley 2 Review

Train Valley 2 is an app created by Alexey Davydov. Train Valley 2 was first published on . The app is currently available on Steam, Other.


Train Valley 2 is a train tycoon puzzle game. Take your railroad company from the days of the Industrial Revolution and into the future, meeting the needs of the valley's cities and industries. Build railroads, upgrade your locomotives, and keep your trains on schedule without delays or accidents. All aboard — the train is leaving the station!
Enjoy engaging and addictive gameplay, combining puzzle micromanagement with tycoon elements.
Discover the history of railroads in elegant low-poly graphics!
Keep your trains running on schedule across 50 levels in Company Mode.
Upgrade your stock of locomotives and acquire advanced engines, with 18 models to unlock.
Produce and ship increasingly sophisticated goods in more than 45 types of train cars.
Jump into our Level Editor with Steam Workshop integration and create your own Valleys - or play levels from other players!

Image source - store.steampowered.com